Inspirational Message from The Doctor


9th: Run for your life!

10th: Always bring a Banana to a Party.

11th:Remember, I am Definitely a mad man with a box.

12th: Don’t Be Lasagne.

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Tom Felton does the ALS ice bucket challenge and nominates Rupert Grint! - x 

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If you’re having your first fight against a third-eyed freak who blows things up with the power of thought and you’re not doing it in pajamas, you’re doing it wrong.

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Being handcuffed won’t stop Korra from being bamf

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first and last words of each regeneration of the new who doctors

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If Vastra changed, if she was different, if she wasn’t the person that you liked…
I don’t like her, ma’am, I love her. And as to different, well, she’s a lizard.

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